One of the Best All Natural, Zero Waste Deodorant that Actually Works!

An All Natural, Zero Waste Deodorant that Really Works!

When I first began learning about the zero waste lifestyle, I struggled to find cosmetic and hygiene products that worked for me. While each product find became a fun journey, searching for the perfect zero waste deodorant has probably been the longest one. I’ve tried everything from DIY solutions to deodorant in jars to compostable packaged stick deodorant to liquid deodorant. Unfortunately, recommending cosmetic and hygiene products can often feel like a very personal topic. Not everyone’s body works the same as mine. While I’ve found an all natural deodorant that really works for me, I think that everyone has to search for the one that works for their own body’s needs. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a few options for you below to seek out on your zero waste, all natural deodorant journey!

This blog post is sponsored by the awesome Colorado based brand, Distilled Bath and Body.

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What’s Wrong with Store-Bought Deodorant?

So what’s the matter with purchasing conventional deodorant at big box stores? Well, not only do conventional deodorant manufacturers package their products in plastic packaging, but they also tend to contain harmful ingredients that may put your health at risk. Many conventional deodorants contain parabens and phthalates. Along with many other cosmetics, deodorants contain parabens in order to preserve their product. While science has not fully concluded that parabens cause cancer, they do act as a hormone disruptor. Often, they cause an overgrowth of estrogen in the body. Therefore, some scientists believe that putting deodorant so close to breast tissue could cause cancer cells to grow more rapidly. Deodorants contain phthalates to help stick to your skin. However, they disrupt your testosterone hormone levels and can negatively affect your reproductive health.

Wow, looks like grocery store bought deodorants often contain a load of toxins to me! If you still prefer to purchase your deodorant from the grocery store, I recommend googling the ingredients of the brand you choose beforehand to confirm its safety. While you may find the list of ingredients I have provided for you most often, my list only brushes the surface of chemicals you might find in store bought cosmetics. Occasionally, by searching through ingredients lists, I have found a few deodorants with more natural ingredients. Regardless, I have found far safer options for my needs personally.

zero waste deodorant

DIY Zero Waste Deodorant

If you don’t want to sift through grocery store deodorants to find the perfect one, you can always attempt making your own DIY plastic free deodorant. Often, most homemade deodorant recipes contain simple ingredients that you can find easily at your local grocery store. If you have access to a bulk section, you can even make it completely package free! Coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch should get you started. Many zero waste bloggers have DIY deodorant recipes that you can test. Check these out for some ideas:

Zero Waste Chef’s DIY Deodorant

Greenify Me’s DIY Deo

Wasteland Rebel’s Aluminum Free Deodorant

As I said before, everybody’s body reacts differently to different products. Therefore, remember that the first one might not work out perfectly for you. Keep searching for one that works for your body’s needs.

Zero Waste Deodorant that Actually Works – Organic, Non-Toxic Pit Liquor!!

pit liquor deodorant

While grocery store bought and DIY deodorants can work, I’m thrilled to share with you an organic, non-toxic deodorant that really works well. I first learned about the brand Distilled Bath and Body, makers of Pit Liquor deodorant, several months ago via Instagram. I fell for their witty branding, but I stuck around for their ethical and sustainable business practices and, of course, their organic deodorant that I found to work well for my pits. Hallelujah! Based in Colorado, Erica and Jason Feucht founded Distilled Bath and Body. They first created the idea for Pit Liquor deodorant after Erica struggled with finding an effective natural deodorant while pregnant. Sounds like she went through the same process as me!

Pit Liquor’s Safe Ingredients

You might have guessed from their branding, but Pit Liquor uses alcohol as its main ingredient! They create a base from organic vodka and whiskey for their deodorants. Actually, I have been using alcohol in place of hand sanitizer when in short supply these days. So honestly, I wasn’t surprised to learn that they could use alcohol as a super effective deodorant ingredient to kill bacteria. In addition to whiskey or vodka, they also use arrowroot and Himalayan salt to keep you drier and to act as antimicrobials. Furthermore, they use an array of ingredients like organic tea extracts, essential oils, and organic extracts for both natural scents and to fight bacteria.

Aside from their commitment to using all natural ingredients, Distilled Bath and Body also commits to keep all of their products cruelty-free (vegan), toxin-free, gluten-free, aluminum-free, paraben-free, mining-free, baking-soda-free, pesticide-free, triglyceride-free, fair trade, and free of ingredients not listed.

Pit Liquor‘s Sustainable Packaging

From a packaging standpoint, they offer both spray and roll on glass bottle packaging. They ship their products with recyclable/compostable paper packing material rather than plastic bubble wrap. You can also purchase large sized refills that ship to you in a glass bottle. If you purchase their deodorant often, once you have finished five bottles, you can send them back to Distilled Bath and Body for them to reuse. Who could possibly beat that for an all natural deodorant!?

While finding the perfect deodorant may prove to be a difficult journey, I can’t recommend Pit Liquor more. Not only do they satisfy all of my all natural and zero waste needs, but they go the full mile by keeping my pits smelling fresh and clean! They also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like your first bottle of Pit Liquor, they will give you a refund!! My favorite one is the the coconut rum with lime. I can’t get enough of it! Start there 🙂 They also have seasonal, limited edition bottles of Pit Liquor. Follow their Instagram to find out when the latest scents drop!!

The kind folks at Distilled Bath & Body have sent over a coupon code I can share with you! Please feel free to use promo code TYB20 for 20% OFF your order of their amazing all natural deodorants that really work!! 

What zero waste, all natural deodorants have you found that work for you? Have you tried Pit Liquor yet?!

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