8 Zero Waste Mom Bloggers You Need to Follow

zero waste mom bloggers

Vasco is now a year and a half old, and I have learned SO much about parenting. I’ve shared some of my zero waste mom adventures on my blog that I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Along the way, I’ve also discovered quite a few other zero waste mom bloggers that share some great wisdom about trying to raise children while also living sustainably. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite zero waste mom bloggers to share with you here!

8 Zero Waste Mom Bloggers

Meredith Tested: Meredith is a Vermont based mother of two. Her blog focuses on slow living, buying less, ditching plastic, minimalism, and the low waste lifestyle. I especially love her post on building a capsule wardrobe for her kids!

Naturally Modern Life: Lacey is a Nevada based momma to two precious little boys. Her blog is all about transforming the mundane into the magical by cultivating mindfulness. She shares about the zero waste lifestyle, slow living, and conscious parenting. Be sure to check out her zero waste home birth kit post!

The Mindful Mom Blographer: Laura has a little boy and lives in Minnesota. Her blog isn’t exclusively about the zero waste lifestyle. She blogs about managing anxiety through mindful & intentional living, minimalism, and zero waste living. You’ll want to go ahead and bookmark her post “58 Kindness, Traditions, & Activity Based Advent Calendar Ideas” for the holiday season. It’s so good!

Old World New: Addie is a mom and describes herself as a sustainability enthusiast and thrift fashion lover. She has a refreshing take on sustainable living and encourages families to move towards waste free living at their own pace. Yay for baby steps! Check out her 12 Months of Sustainable Living Guide which helps break down the sustainable lifestyle into smaller easier to digest steps!

Sustainable in the Suburbs: Sarah lives in Ontario and has two children. Her blog is mostly about low waste living in a culture of convenience and her family’s steps toward a simplified life. I love her post on zero waste birthday parties for kids. Lots of great ideas there!

Mamoradiary: UPDATE: Dora no longer has a blog but she still does amazing work over on Instagram. Be sure to check out her account over there! Dora is a London based zero waste mom blogger with two little boys. Over at Mamoradiary, she shares her experiences about motherhood, and her zero waste journey. If you’re wanting to learn more about why using cloth diapers is so great, check out her post “Why Cloth Nappies?”

Zero Waste Nerd: Megean was one of the first zero waste momma’s I started following years ago. I read all of her zero waste baby blog posts before Vasco’s arrival! Megean is based in Kansas City and has one little boy. She has a plethora of blog posts on zero waste and plastic free living. I love her post 5 Easy Things Kids can Actually Do to Help the Environment!

Mama Eats Plants: Amanda is a low waste living mother of two based in California and she is notoriously known for her super delicious recipes and gorgeous food photographs. She also just recently came out with an eCookbook that’s jammed packed with tasty seasonal recipes.

Zero Waste Moms on Instagram

Zero Wasting Away in NYC: Megan is a veteran zero waster and new mom to Ruby! She is passionate about maternal health and inclusivity in the Zero Waste Movement. 

I Love Zero Waste: Stephanie is a Seattle based soon to be mother of two. Follow her for awesome posts about zero waste living and secondhand shopping. It’s also really inspiring to see the zero waste community she’s helped to build in the Seattle area!

Zero Waste Dork: April is a momma of two and calls herself a solo zero waster in a family of four. I love her #ZeroWasteIRL posts showing the not so perfectly Instagrammable moments in trying to live waste free. She makes going zero waste seem so much more manageable when you make simple changes and do what works best for your own fam.

Your Ecofriend: Sophi is a low waste living momma living in Toronto. Head over to her Instagram for inspiring and informative posts all about reducing waste and stick around for her fun dance parties on Insta Stories!

The Green Mum: Meera is a mom of two little girls that posts about her low impact life and eating all the veggies! I first came across Meera’s page a few months ago during our Instagram #GreenMomsWeek.

Zero Waste Moms on Youtube

Naturally Tess: Ok, so I actually first met Tess through Instagram, but I really love her YouTube channel. She is a mother to one sweet little girl. She’s all about simple & conscious living, the low waste lifestyle, and gentle parenting. I love her Day in the Life videos!

Fairly Local Vegan: Amber is an Ontario based mother of three. You can learn all about her zero waste vegan family on her YouTube channel. I really enjoyed her Zero Waste House Tour video.

Who are your favorite zero waste mommas to follow? Please share them in the comments section!!

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  1. I follow a smaller Dutch zero waste blogger (www.greenandhappymom.com) who knows a lot about cloth diapering. She also writes in English.

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