10 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy Under $20

Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy Under $20

It’s a common myth that eco-friendly products are expensive. There are many items under $20 and the best thing is most items are reusable and the ones that aren’t last a long time. Bar soaps last longer than liquid body wash and cost a fraction of the price. Organic Hankybooks eliminate the use of disposable tissues and last years. There are so many amazing options that you might not know were even out there. It’s amazing how many ways we can save the earth and our paychecks all at the same time. So let’s dive into the best 10 eco-friendly products you can buy for under $20! 

Organic Soap Bars

The best place to start reducing waste in the shower is with body wash. Instead of purchasing plastic bottles of soap from the store, replace them with organic soap bars. Not only are you reducing your waste and saving money but you’re also protecting your body from harmful chemicals. These bars usually cost around $6.99 and last a long time. The natural scent options range from activated charcoal to dragon fruit green tea. These soap bars are handmade organic, palm oil free, and vegan. 

Here’s a pro tip: cut the soap bars into 4 squares and use one square at a time in the shower. The bar will be much longer. 

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

The bamboo kitchen basics utensil set won the 2010 Eco Choice Award and absolutely deserved it! This trio includes an oval spoon, a round spoon, and a spatula all made from organic bamboo. Instead of plastic or metal kitchen utensils, use this trio to protect your cookware and your health. These bamboo utensils are naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial. They really do last a long time! 

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Organic Tissue Book

One of my favorite eco-friendly products is the reusable tissue booklet called Hankybooks. The booklet is made of reusable 100% certified organic cotton to ensure freedom from pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides. This booklet eliminates disposable tissue waste without feeling gross about it. Each Hankybook can be thrown in the washing machine when the pages are used up. Whether you’re on a hike, have babies, or just need your glasses cleaned, making the swap to reusable tissues is amazing! 

Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy Under $20

Plastic Free Kitchen Scrubber

Instead of purchasing steel wool or plastic scrubber pads, try a plastic-free kitchen scrubber. They’re inexpensive and last quite a while. These plastic-free scrubbers are made from natural loofah sponges to help reduce plastic usage. You can get an adorable peach-shaped scrubber or a natural loofah. The natural loofah is biodegradable and compostable when it reaches the end of its lifespan. 

Reusable Swiffer Pads

Did you know they’re reusable Swiffer pads?! They come in a three-pack and are made of organic and recycled cotton. The cute patterns on top are made of upcycled fabric to keep them cute and eco-friendly. These reusable pads dust just as good as the throwaways but when you’re finished you can throw them in the washing machine. You’ll be using them time and time again!

Organic Lotion Bars

Eco-friendly organic lotion bars are not only better for the environment but also for your skin. They’re made of natural oils to soothe the skin without harmful chemicals and alcohol. The prickly pear scent comes from pure chamomile extracts and prickly pears. These bars last a really long time due to no added water like common store brands. You can purchase the Prickly Pear lotion bar in two ways: naked or in a metal tin for storage. 

Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy Under $20

Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook

Interested in creating more healthy plant based meals? Get The Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook! This cookbook includes a month’s worth of low waste veggie recipes. It even has a meal plan and grocery shopping list at the back of the book. The recipes are so simple and really versatile. You don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian to enjoy these tasty recipes.

zero waste vegan cookbook

Reusable Organic Cotton Facial Rounds

Looking for an alternative to disposable cotton face rounds? Why not make the switch to reusable organic cotton facial rounds. These come in a set of five and are so soft. You can use them to help remove makeup or apply skincare products. I wash my face rounds in a lingerie bag so they don’t get lost in the wash!

Bamboo Pot Scrapers

Bamboo pot scrapers are such useful little tools! These come in a set of four. You can use them to help scrape pots and pans when cleaning dishes but they also have a lot of other uses. Check out some ideas here >>> The Many Uses of Pot Scrapers

Bamboo Pot Scrapers

Organic Lip Balm

Last but not least is vegan organic lip balms. Reducing your waste to help the environment doesn’t mean giving up the things you love. These lip balms are made of natural plant-based oils such as coconut oil and pure essential oils. The tubes are made from biodegradable material with zero plastic. You’re not only reducing your waste with these balms but you’re also reducing the chemicals on your skin.

If you enjoy wearing lipstick, there’s a tinted vegan organic lip balm with all the same great benefits. It’s tinted with natural botanical pigments to keep your body chemical free. 


There are tons of other eco-friendly products you can buy under $20 but these 10 are some of the best! Whether you’re looking to reduce waste during lunchtime or in the shower, you don’t have to break the bank getting started. When switching to eco-friendly products, you’ll find yourself purchasing fewer items and therefore spending less money. Eco-friendly living helps the earth and your savings. There’s nothing better than that!

10 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy Under $20
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