Active Charcoal Plastic Free Water Filter To Go Size


  • To Go Size for Water Bottles
  • Plastic Free Water Filter
  • Handcrafted Active Charcoal
  • Biodegradable and Chemical Free
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Lasts 4 months

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Active Charcoal Plastic Free Water Filter Go Size

This active charcoal filter is the ideal way to bring filtered water on the go; the gym, the car, your bicycle. Ideally placed in any 12-16 ounce water bottle, it begins working immediately bonding with toxins in tap water. We recommend adding tap water in the evening for use the next day. Optimal filtration time 1-2 hours. Enjoy the taste of natural spring water with Kishu Charcoal. One stick lasts 4 months. These filters are biodegradable. After using your water filter, you can bury it in your garden to help add carbon to the soil!

We also have a larger sized water filter to use in kitchen carafes! Check it out here!

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